Review: For the Love of a Dog by Patricia B. McConnell, PhD

Lucas enjoyed the book as much as I did!

Lucas enjoyed the book as much as I did!
I received a copy of For the Love of a Dog for Valentine’s Day – the perfect gift for a dog lover! But, because my reading list expands exponentially each week, I only just read this one. Written by animal behaviorist Dr. Patricia McConnell, this book provides the perfect mix of anecdotal evidence and hard science.

The book explores the question: Do animals have emotions? We dog lovers say of course animals have emotions, and that’s pretty much McConnell’s stance too. Her book, though, goes deeper than that to explore why we have such a strong bond with dogs, the degree to which dogs might experience the same emotions we do, and how we can apply an understanding of our dogs emotional lives to our training. The ultimate goal, of course, is to have a happy, healthy dog-human bond.

The science can get a little dense, but stick with it! McConnell masterfully tempers the science with anecdotal evidence that made me laugh out load at times and cry at others. For the Love of a Dog is a must-read for all dog lovers.

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